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Publicado por Driel Molmont · 23 de septiembre a las 0:08 · We have been witnesses and journalists of fear and chaos, we live at night without being able to fall asleep, we live the collectivity of the deceases, we hear the sirens, we tense the teeth, we look at the ones that have adopted as theirs this phase of our history, we hear the megaphones giving instructions all over the city, their alarms, we have seen the closed fists of silence, and the weakened hands of the system stopping the population and the media complicating their own schemes. But tonight is the night of the last harvest, the thanksgiving day, thank you, for your very particular way of taking part, of working for my people, for your people, for our bonds to the future. I can take a breathe now and say Thank You for your life, for your family, for having the chance to help, for picturing my future overcoming fear... I don't know if I will be here tomorrow narrating, going through this mirror but I can look into your eyes and tell you face to face, thank you, I was also there. Compassion is the antidote to fear and the system will be replaced by the power of the collective memory... Peace is within each one of us when it has the chance to generate seeds of love, forgiveness and humility, when it takes place in real activities and it is not confused with what makes you feel comfortable. Here in the most unifying holiday which is Mabon, I thank you and all the children of the earth, that do what they do, because they feel the calling to take action. If the calamities of this centuries have left a lesson, I am convinced that whatever I sow in this present, will be reapped by our sons, grandsons and students. Lets get undone of the thoughts and lets follow the calling, as there will not be a better day but today, the highness, the light, the stellar is paying atention to us...this time, right now. Thank you so much to all of you, from hand to hand, from end to end. I am certain it has been an excellent sowing..

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